About Us

On the world wide web, we are here for the community of Villar Del Arzobispo, as a local community radio station.

We are proud to be part of the community, we are an English station, here to serve, keep you informed and entertained.

The ideas and preparation of this station, have gone through a rocky period, over the last few years, working hard to address some of the technical problems, that have kept cropping up.

It has been decided that the station should be internet based, at the present time to at least get started, whilst the problems are trying to be resolved.

We are pleased to have the support of fellow British colleges, who have made their own programmes to help support Villar Radio Stations output.

We will be broadcasting from the Villar Del Arzobispo area, so hopefully the local community will be able to get involved.

The presentation team, are all volunteers, and generously giving their time to bring some unique programmes. With their enthusiasm, we hope to supply programmes that are welcome to our listeners, also we hope to provide a platform for the musicians, artists, writers and creatives who share the same love of their beautiful surroundings, here at Villar Del Arzlobispo.

Villar Radio, is a not-for-profit radio station, and is grateful to those who offer their help, support and advice. Without them, we would be unable to provide you, the listener, with Villar radio.

Thank you.

If you would be interested in joining us, to present or help, please do get in touch with villarradio@outlook.com